Field Trip Report for Askira Uba LGA inception visit


BDCL                          Bell Dome Consult Limited

BOSPHCDA                 Borno State Primary Health Care Development Agency

PHCC                          Primary Health Care Centre

LGA                             Local Government Area

GH                               General Hospital

MPA                             Minimum Package of Activity

CPA                             Complimentary Package of Activity

CMVA                          Contract Management and Verification Agency

NPHCDA                     National Primary Health Care Development Agency


PLACE(S) Askira Uba LGA of Borno State, Nigeria.
DATE  15 to 18 July, 2018.
PURPOSE Inception visit to Askira Uba LGA upon allocation to Bell Dome Consult by the NPHCDA.
INTERNAL BDCL INVITEE Dr. Audu Lucky Emmanuel (CMVA Manager)


Mr. Jeremiah Alfred (Verifier)



1. Background

The activities of AFNSHIP in Borno state have since moved beyond the two pilot LGAs in the state capital, now including additional LGAs in the state. Following the directives from the NPHCDA, four additional LGAs were added to the docket of BDCL, namely: Askira Uba, Hawul, Shani and Magumeri. Amongst these four, Askira Uba and Magumeri LGAs have had full preliminary activities for PBF implementation while Shani and Hawul are still undergoing further evaluations.

As shared by the Borno state primary health care development agency, one PHC per ward in Askira Uba were contracted, making it a total of 12 PHCCs and one General Hospital except for Ngulde ward where non was selected following security uncertainties. In Magumeri LGA, only one health facility was contracted, due to poor access to other areas in the LGA. The BSPHCDA have planned to contract another ward named Gajigana in the coming month.

Hawul and Shani LGA recently had both mapping and baselines done for all potential health facilities to be contracted. The results are currently being analysed for selections

2. Interlocutors

1 Hajiya Ramatu Director PHCD
2 Hajiya Hadiza Manager FSP Clinic
3 Ibrahim Usman LGA LIO


3. Executive Summary

Askira Uba LGA is in the southern part of Borno state, shares close boundary with Adamawa State, it is about 245 KM from Yola and 632 KM from Maiduguri, Borno state capital (through Buratai_Biu_Hawul_Gombi_Mubi road). This LGA also suffered the hit of the insurgency, but has since returned back to normalcy in most parts. A strong military presence can be seen in the nooks and crannies of the LGA. BDCL made an inception visit upon receipt of signed contract documents and approved business plans from the BOSPHCDA. This visit was aimed at establishing the incorporation of the LGA by BDCL and introduction of the verifier to the LGA team/Health facilities. A move strategically considered to strengthen the take-off through sound coaching and mentoring, implementation of approved business plan, early management of data and data collecting tools, early quality improvement strategy for the health facilities.

4. Activities

The official visit to Askira Uba LGA PHCD was timely and marking the beginning of great collaboration between BDCL the official CMVA firm to the LGA and the LGA health authorities. Members of the Department and staff of some primary healthcare centres were present at the LGA meeting.

  • The CMVA manager appreciated the turn out and encouraged the health facility managers and supervisors to keep up with the good work. He added that the Performance based financing approach they were thought in classroom will need to be applied practically especially in financial management.
  • The CMVA manager also added that, the managers and supervisors should begin to implement all the steps that do not require money spending. This he advised them will grow the quality of health quality services early. He shared the need to adhere to guidelines and protocols in the health facilities.
  • The LGA PHCD requested the Bell Dome team to support the LGA team with data collecting tools as they have not received any from the state PIU. The team assured the LGA PHCD and managers of a complete data collecting tools according to the AF NSHIP design.
  • Approved business plans were handed over to the LGA PHCD Director for distribution to the Health facility managers.
  • BDCL Manager introduced the new verifier to the entire LGA staff and encouraged them to call and share all doubts with him as regarding every aspects of the project.

5. Conclusion

An excellent and productive visit that was marked with varying levels of cooperation and pledges to invest enormous amount of energy in achieving a successful implementation of PBF in Askira Uba LGA. Both BDCL and Askira Uba LGA PHCD are optimistic and enthusiastic about the project. Regular supervisory visit with progressive reporting on the state of implementation in the LGA was agreed upon by both the LGA and BDCL. Coaching and mentoring of health facilities in the LGA began immediately by the verifier.

6. Follow-up

Field verification support visit and supervision. CMVA Manager/Field Manager. 13th to 17th August, 2017
Data management coaching visit and supervision. M and E officer. 27th to 31st August, 2017
LGA PHCD coaching on performance evaluation frame work. CMVA Manager. 3rd to 8th September , 2017