About Us


Nigeria is a great country that is slowly but positively evolving. Nigerians dream of their country as one among the developed world, however, the realization of this dream has eluded many generations of the country’s government regimes, yet Nigerians are determined the dream shall come true.

At independence, Nigeria inherited structures and systems to govern which has not met up with the yearnings of the citizens despite the richness in human and other natural resources. Over the years, the country tries making adjustments through reforms and restructuring affecting the public and the private sectors, setting up and reviewing developmental targets, yet more critical areas emerge and the country still lags behind most deadlines. Considering the amount of resources expended, the developmental timelines that elapsed and the level of development, the dream would have come true. The multitude, complex and interwoven variables that are simultaneously playing as determinants of development need to be realigned by the collective responses of all stakeholders from their identification, reordering, re-energizing and recouping their outputs tailored within the acceptable limits of the development framework. The need to coordinate these processes is the motive that gave birth to Bell Dome Consult Limited early 2007 and subsequently registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria as a legal entity on the 21st of January 2008.

Who We Are


Bell Dome Consult Limited is a young enterprise engaged in providing 360 degree technical and managerial support services in the areas of organizational setup, reform or maintenance through situation analysis, participatory planning, organizational development and system support.
Bell Dome Consult Limited is a full-service Organizational Development and Consulting firm registered as a limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC 726340). We have gained significant experience in all aspects of proposal development and have mastered the art of participatory approach. We offer a complete range of high quality design, consulting and development services to our clients, helping them to create original and meaningful work culture for sustainable development.
We develop solutions for our customers that effectively deliver their dreams, present original ideas and have high visual impact, putting our customers ahead of their competition. Our services include participatory planning in organizational design, human resource development, and monitoring and evaluation.
Distinguished for its user-experience driven design and sound technology, Bell Dome Consult Limited aligns with its customer to transform raw ideas into a documented plan for effective implementation. At Bell Dome Consult Limited, every project is an opportunity to greatly reach out to the core areas of contributing to the National development.
This clarity of approach, achieved through cumulative experience, and 100% commitment to quality has enabled Bell Dome Consult Limited to service both government and private institutions in Nigeria effectively


Bell Dome Consult Limited Ground Rules

  • Together Everyone Achieves More

Culture & Setup

Bell Dome Consult Limited comprises of a team of specialists: confident, enterprising and ever ready to take on challenges. Our team believes in giving the best to our work and attempt to make every creation better than the last.


Bell Dome Consult Limited at work

When it comes to work, we believe in innovating till we find the optimum solution. Work at Bell Dome Consult Limited airs an attire of confidence and growth, coupled with strong yet oddly harmonious personalities.


Bell Dome Consult Limited & Clients

Every client is an opportunity for us to better ourselves. As clear as water, our vision is aimed at providing our clients with the best they can reach for. We respect our relationships with our clients and make every attempt to stand up to all client expectations.


A Reliable Choice

Depending on the type of assignment, complexity and involvement of other parties, our capabilities can be scaled to fit diverse project requirements. Our team can undertake complete project development from start to finish or provide consulting services in conjunction with other parties such as government agencies, Multi-lateral partners, NGOs, corporate organizations, PR firms and others. In all situations, Bell Dome Consult Limited guarantees superior results and complete client satisfaction.

Bell Dome Consult Limited is an experienced and reliable choice as an organizational Development consulting firm.


What We Do

Our experience across different techniques & technologies and our understanding of the various organizational and institutional requirements provides us with valuable implementation advantage. Our services range from identifying organizational needs and priorities, creating organizational concepts, strategies and implementation arrangements to designing your complete packaged corporate outfit.


  • Articulate your business objectives
  • Prepare strategy based on articulated objectives
  • Understand the functional requirements
  • Study the audience segments
  • Draw functional specifications aligned with the strategy
  • Follow best practices of usability and interaction design
  • Provide you with a sound technical back-end
  • Integrate external components
  • Deliver customized end-to-end solution

Our team

Bell Dome Consult Limited is a team of young and enterprising professionals with a flair for excellence and a constant hunger for challenge. We believe that one can perform to his true potential only if he enjoys his work thoroughly. We are a lively organization who play hard and work twice as much. Work, at Bell Dome Consult Limited, moves in a rhythm with each one enjoying his music.

Each Bell Dome Consult Limited staff is a specimen by himself! We have our share of conflicts and contradictions, but our basics remain strong and unruffled.

With a crack team of designers, business strategists and technologists, all under one roof, Bell Dome Consult Limited can proudly claim to live up to all its promises and more!


People are our biggest strength!

We recognize people to be our biggest strength and are always on a look out for like-minded individuals who work with pride, have a wealth of knowledge, can multi-task and more importantly have ‘The Thing’ in them. In addition to the regular, highly motivated, internal professional staff, Bell Dome Consult Limited is supported by a network of professionals and professional institutions across the length and breath of Nigeria.

We invite energetic team players that can shift gears at the right time, in the right place. The masked brains on our list is growing by the day!